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Culinary Arts: Recipes & Cookbooks

Use this guide to research library materials for Culinary Arts, including Northwest Cuisine, Food History, Cookbooks, Restaurants, and more!

A sample of books

salt fat acid heat cover

Finding recipes


The library has a great selection of cookbooks to borrow. Most of these are in the call number range TX 642-TX 840.

Subject Searches

There is no subject heading "Cookbooks." Instead, Library of Congress subject headings use the word "Cooking."

Cooking - [ingredient, such as rice, shellfish, marine algae]

Example: Cooking - vegetables

Cookery - [adjective for a place, such as a country, region, or continent]


Cooking Korean

Cooking African

Cookery - [time period]

Example: Cooking Medieval

Here are a few more interesting sample subject searches:

Cooking (Natural foods)

Vegan cooking


Recipes on the web

Pastry books & e-books

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