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Culinary Arts

Use this guide to research library materials for Culinary Arts, including Northwest Cuisine, Food History, Cookbooks, Restaurants, and more!


This subject guide will help you find culinary arts resources at the Lane Community College Library. Use the tabs within this Guide to find books, e-books, media, websites and other resources on the topics of General Culitary Information, Chefs, Culinary Careers, Food History, Local & Pacific Northwest Cooking, Recipes and Cookbooks, Restaurants and Wine & Beer.

Culinary Arts and Food Service Management library materials are classified by the Library of Congress in TX and TP.  The following call number ranges will be helpful to browse the shelves to find books of interest:

  • Cooking [TX642-TX840]
  • Wine & Beer [TP500-660]
  • Business Etiquette [HF5387-HF5390]
  • Dining Room Service [TX851-885]

Magazines in Print

The library has physical print subscriptions to the following magazines, which are on racks on the main floor of the Library: