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Middle East and North Africa

A guide to resources available through the LCC Library and online for research on the modern Middle East and North Africa.

Research Databases

The LCC Library subscribes to many excellent research databases to help you find articles from academic journals, newspapers, and magazines for research topics concerning the Middle East and North Africa, including art, culture, religion, society, and politics of the region.

Here are some good databases to start your research:

Academic Search Complete  Excellent, easy-to-use scholarly, full-text database covering topics in the humanities, social sciences, political science, and culture.

Academic One File   Huge, easy-to-use, full-text database covering topics in the humanities, business, technology, and social sciences.

EBSCO Newspaper Source Full-text for over 180 regional U.S. newspapers and international newspapers.

New York Times Online Full-text coverage of the US newspaper of record, plus coverage of important speeches and documents, Supreme Court decisions, and presidential press conference transcripts.

InfoTrack Newstand A collection of 1,000 newspapers in multiple languages.

US Major Dailies Five important newspapers, including NY Times, WaPo, Chicago Tribune, WSJ, and LA Times.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context  Excellent resource for research on contemporary social issues, includes statistics, overviews, and articles from magazines and newspapers.

Women celebrating in Egypt, February 2011. Getty Images.

Policy organizations

Middle East Research and Information Project Excellent progressive reporting on politics, society and culture of the contemporary Middle East.

Foundation for Middle East Peace Organization promotes peace between Israel and Palestine.

Council on Foreign Relations Middle East  CFR is an independent, nonpartisan membership organization, think tank, and publisher.

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs  Foundation providing information concerning U.S. relations with Middle Eastern states.

Palestine-Israel Journal of Politics, Economics, and Culture  Organization encouraging dialogue to broaden support for the peace process.