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Middle East and North Africa

A guide to resources available through the LCC Library and online for research on the modern Middle East and North Africa.

Resources at LCC Library

The LCC Library has dozens of books on Islamic thought, interpretations of the Quran (or Qu'ran or Koran), Islamic daily life, the role of women, Islamic art and architecture, and Islamic law. This list is just a sample of available titles. Be sure to check the Library catalog for the the most recent items in the collection.

Online resources

Grove Encyclopedia of Islamic Art and Architecture  Excellent coverage of Islamic art and architecture all over the world.

Oxford Dictionary of Islam  Designed for readers with little or no knowledge of Islam, provides up-to-date and authoritative entries.

Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World  Covers Islam's role in the modern world and the religion's history over the last 13 centuries.

Tanzil  Standard Quran text (in Unicode) for the web. 

Quran Line by line, verse-by-verse translation of the Quran. 

Quran on Wikipedia  Overview of the history of the Quran, commentaries and interpretations, and translations (and audio files) of sura.


Muslims in The United States

Muslims in the United States A report from the Council on Foreign Relations featuring statistics on demographics and US policy.

PBS Frontline : Portraits of Ordinary Muslims  This wonderful site has video interviews, FAQs, and thematic essays on being Muslim in different parts of the world, including a section on the United States.