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Middle East and North Africa

A guide to resources available through the LCC Library and online for research on the modern Middle East and North Africa.

Resources at LCC Library

LCC Library has extensive information on the Israeli-Palestininan conflict, the diasporas of the Jewish and Palestinian peoples, the geography and cultures of the region including Druze, Christian Arabs, Sephardic Jews, settler Jews, and Bedouin. Many resources on political movements and entities such as Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, the Peace Movement, and international responses to ongoing Occupation.

Online Resources

Banksy. Grafitti on West Bank wall, 2008.

Foundation for Middle East Peace  Organization promoting peace between Israel and Palestine: publishes the Report on Israeli Settlement in the Occupied Territories.

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs  A multidisciplinary think tank for Israel policy research and education.

Americans for Peace Now  Shalom Achshav (Peace Now), is a prominent American Jewish, Zionist organization.

One Voice  International grassroots movement toward a two-state solution.

Neve Shalom/Wahat Salaam  Jointly established by Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel, engaged in educational work for peace, equality and understanding between the two peoples.

Alwatan Center  Organization committed to reconciliation and transformation in Israel, and for the Palestinian rights.

B'Tselem  Organization documents and educates about human rights violations in the Occupied Territories and Israel.