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Religion: Other Religions

This guide is intended to help students at Lane develop reserach topics in relgion and find sources to support their research. Use the tabs across the top to navigate different religions.

The Diversity of Religions

While this guide focuses some of the primary religions practiced globally, there are many other communities joined by shared belief and ritual practice. Here are a few to explore:

Baha'i Faith -To learn more: Concise Encyclopedia of Baha'i Faith

Gnosticism -To learn more: What is Gnosticism?

Druze -To learn more: The Druze : a New Cultural and Historical Appreciation

Rastafari MovementTo learn more: Rastafari in the New Millennium

Pagansim - To learn more: The Path of Paganism: an experience-based guide to modern practice

Jainism - To learn more: Jainism and Ecology

Sikhism - To learn more: Sikhism

Zoroastrianism - To learn more: Zoroastrianism: a guide to the perpexed

Yazidi - To Learn more: Yezidis from the Oxford Dictionary of World Religions

Confucianism - To learn more: An Introduction to Confucianism

Shintoism - To learn more: Shinto: origins, rituals, festivals, spirits, sacred places

Animism - To learn more: Animism, from International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences

Vodoun - To learn more: Voodoo Encyclopedia: magic, ritual, and religion

Satanism - To learn more: Satanism Today

Wicca - To learn more: Wicca: history, belief, and community in modern pagan witchcraft

Black Hebrew Israelites - To learn more: Black Zion

Amish - To learn more: The Amish

Shamanism - To learn more: Shamanism: an encyclopedia of world beliefs and practices


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