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Religion: Islam

This guide is intended to help students at Lane develop reserach topics in relgion and find sources to support their research. Use the tabs across the top to navigate different religions.


Other Reference Sources

Finding Books and EBooks

The LCC Library has hundreds of books and eBooks on Islam, encompassing many aspects of the subject. Start your search in the Library catalog using keywords that are essential to your topic.

You can use keywords or Library of Congress subject headings to find relevant resources. Use subject headings in the subject field of a search.

Below are just some examples of subject headings related to Islam.


Islam 21st century

Islam 20th century

Islam 19th century

Islam Customs

Islamic Law

Islamic Philosophy



Muhammad, Prophet

Muslim Women

Religious Life Islam



 kufic script

Muslim Life and Culture

The Nature of Islamic Art, Metropolitan Museum Online Exhibit - Beautiful online exhibit features Islamic art through the ages.

Emel magazine - UK-based Muslim lifestyle magazine, with a vision to promote a positive and confident message about the Muslim communities in the UK and beyond.

Islamic Monthly - An independent, nonreligious, U.S. based publication that fosters discussion on a broad range of issues and concerns related to Muslims in the modern world.

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