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Food Justice (textbook)

Color photo of garden plants in bloom

Sedum and salvia in bloom on College Hill.

Learning Garden

Join the Learning Garden Club and transform your life through gardening! Need some fresh air? Walk on over, or find information about hours and events here.

Gardening and Food Security

A guide to resources for gardening, urban agriculture, and issues of equitable food supply.

Gardening resources at LCC Library

The LCC Library has hundreds of items related to gardening in our collection. Search the Library Catalog to find books, ebooks, and streaming media with keywords about your topic.

Start with important terms such as specific plants (dahlias, tomatoes, hops), type of garden (vegetable gardens, herb gardens, orchards), growing method (Permaculture, organic, raised beds), or context (urban, school, small farms). The terms below are just a few examples to help you get started:

Vegetable gardens

Herb gardens

Flower gardens

Small farms

Urban gardening

Organic gardening


Gardening to attract wildlife


When searching the Library catalog, always start searching with just the most important 1-2 words. Browse through the results to locate relevant resources. Use the filters to refine your results as needed.

If we don't have what you need at Lane, you can request books from other schools through Summit lending. It's totally free, and the books are delivered to the Library Circulation desk.

Finding articles in magazines, journals and newspapers

We also have multiple databases with articles from a wide range of academic and popular sources. Find databases on the Databases A-Z page.

Both EBSCO and Gale combined searches are great choices for topics related to gardening, agriculture, food supply, and food security.