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Nursing & Allied Health Professions Library Guide

This guide is intended to support Lane students taking Nursing and the Allied Health Professions courses find materials for research, projects, and clinical practice.

Statistics by Disease

American Heart Association Statistics on heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure classified by age, race and sex.

Cancer Mortality Maps & Graph Web Site National Cancer Institute provides interactive maps, graphs (accessible to the blind and visually-impaired), and graphics showing geographic patterns and trends of cancer death rates from 1950-1994.

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports (CDC)  Weekly articles on death, accidents, and disease, 1993 - present.

National Cancer Institute Fact Sheets Information on cancer types, risks, prevention and therapies.

World Health Organization - Statistics   Fact sheets on communicable and non-communicable diseases globally. Includes mapping feature.

WHO Covid-19 Dashboard - Massive data bank of Covid-19 incidence worldwide.

Novel Coronavirus Information Center (requires your LCC login) - Medical research, statistics, and more about the disease, vaccines, and public health.

Statistics by Region




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