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What kind of evidence do you need?

Before you start collecting evidence, determine what kind of information you need.

Original research articles are most often found in library research databases. (Use this tab.)

Evidence-based practice and clinical guidelines often do not contain original research, but may refer to it.

Social context and history of disease is most often found in books and ebooks. (Use this tab.)

Nursing & Allied Health Professions Library Guide

This guide is intended to support Lane students taking Nursing and the Allied Health Professions courses find materials for research, projects, and clinical practice.

Designing your Research

1. Describe your research topic. Think of a statement or a question that describes your topic or issue. What is the scope of your topic?

  • time span
  • place
  • subject area or subtopic
  • specific group
  • specific event
  • specific individuals

2. Critically think about your issue and ask questions.

  • Who is affected?
  • What are the implications? What are the treatment options?
  • When did onset occur? Is there a timeline? Under what conditions?
  • Where is the problem localized or is it widespread?
  • How did this come to be?  How can it be treated? Why?

3. When beginning your research, ask yourself:

  • What do you already know about your topic or issue?
  • What do you need to know in order to better understand your topic or issue?
  • How you would find the information needed to resolve your issue?

4. Promoting Health Literacy and awareness isn't easy. Consider your audience.

  • Is your language clear?
  • Why would it be of interest?
  • What will be new?

Topic Scope

Too much information? Narrow your topic.

  • Narrow one of your PICO facets.
  • Choose one certain aspect or focus within your topic. You could think of causes and effects, treatments or therapies, etc.

Too little information? Broaden your topic.

  • Make your search terms less specific. For example, broaden your population from infants to include infants and children, or your intervention from amoxicillin to any penicillin-like antibiotic.
  • Check a thesaurus to find other terms, or go back to your mind map and list of synonyms you created while developing your question.