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"Ask yourself...

Is this map doing what I want it to do?

Will this map make sense to the audience I envision for it?

How does the map look when printed, projected, or viewed in the final medium, and what changes will make it better?

Are the chosen scale, coordinate system, and map projection appropriate?

Do the layout of the map and the map legend look good? Could it be adjusted to help make the map look better and easier to interpret?

Does the most important information on the map stand out visually?  Does less important information fall into the background?

Are data on the map too generalized or too detailed, given the intent of the map?

Does the way I classified my facts help to make sense out of them? Would a different classification change the patterns much?

Do chosen symbols make sense, and are they legible?

Is the type appropriate, legible, and is its size appropriate, give the final medium?

Is color use logical (e.g. value for ordered data, hue for qualitative data) and appropriate, and will the chosen colors work in the final medium?

Do I want a series of simpler maps, or one more complicated one?

Is a handout map needed, if presenting a map on a poster or projected?


...then re-form your map."


Quote from:

Making Maps: A visual guide to map design for GIS

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