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Researching and celebrating LBGTQ+ topics at LCC

Happy Pride!

Here are some of LCC's online resources to help honor and observe Pride Month 2023. Join us in joyful celebration of all of our diverse and intersecting identities, sexualities, and queerness. 

Our Shared History

Image shows two trans women during a pride event in New York City in 1989. Marsha P. Johnson wears a bright yellow dress, with red flowers in her hair, and is carrying a blue bag. Sylvia Rivera is wearing a black flapper-style dress and has her arm raised in a peace sign. Marsha's arm is around Sylvia's shoulders, and they are both wearing purple Stonewall sashes.

Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera at Pride March, 1989

"Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera at Pride March, 1989."  Photograph.  1989.  Digital Transgender Archive,  (accessed May 24, 2023).

Online Reference Sources

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