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ESL: English as a Second Language: The ESL Collection

LCC Library resources for English language learners

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The ESL Collection contains readers, books to help you prepare for tests, grammar books, dictionaries, and other materials to help you continue your English studies. The ESL Collection is located in the Southeast corner of the Library on the 2nd floor of the Center building.   We have a special search engine for ESL items in the LCC Library: 

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Easy English News

Easy English News

Easy English New is a monthly newspaper for adult and high school readers whose native language is not English. The purpose is to welcome immigrants to the United States and to help them learn about their new environment and society. This newspaper can be found with the rest of the ESL Collection.


The LCC Library has a large collection of readers in four levels: StarterBeginning, Intermediate, and Advanced. The books have color-coded stickers that tell you what level they are. Below are some examples of readers on each level. Click on the links to see all the books at each reading level.  

purple CD sticker            Some of the readers come with audio CD's, so that you can listen while you read. Readers with audio    
           CD's have a purple-colored "CD" sticker.

Starter Readers

starter readers have orange stickers

                        The Long Road         Lucky Break         Newspaper Chase         Let Me Out!

Beginning Readers

Beginning Readers have Blue Stickers

                  Adventures of Tom Sawyer cover         Apollo 13 cover        Bad Love cover        Extreme Sports cover

Intermediate Readers

Intermediate Readers have Green Stickers

          1984 cover        The Beatles cover         Stranded at Sea cover        The Yearling cover

Advanced Readers

Advanced Readers have Red Stickers

                   The Brethren cover         The Story of the Internet cover        Dr. No        L.A. Confidential

Reference Books

In our ESL Collection we have a number of ESL reference books for you to borrow and take home. Here are a few examples.

Advanced Readers!
Try the Young Adult Collection Collection!

The Young Adult Collection

hatchet   habibi   the tequila worm

If you are ready to read books written for native speakers, young adult fiction is a great way to begin. These books were written for people ages 13 and up. They are in their own special area. Many of them won major awards from various organizations, and there is a great variety of subject matter.

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