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Climate Activist Toolkit

Are you already a climate activist? Or would you like to become a climate activist but you're not sure where to start? This research guide provides a list of information resources and local organizations helpful to climate activists in the Eugene area.

The Most Effective Actions You Can Take

mural of Greta Thunberg
“I started to do something, take action, try to make a difference instead of sitting in despair. That changed my life. It gives your life meaning … To know you can have impact, it makes you feel a lot better.” --Greta Thunberg


The most effective personal steps any of us can take to decrease carbon emissions are to: plant trees, eat a plant-based diet, live car-free or use an electric vehicle, enroll in EWEB's Greenpower program, buy less, and have one fewer child. That being said, even if everyone did all of these things, we would still be in big trouble because we as a civilization we produce most of our carbon footprint in systemic ways that individuals cannot control.


What we need most is drastic and rapid systemic change to reduce our civilization's dependence on fossil fuels. Given our current political system, the only way that will happen is for a larger proportion--at least 3.5%--of the population to begin actively resisting--both within their current positions and roles in society and by participating in focused, intentional, sustained, and nonviolent mass actions of civil disobedience.

A List of Personal Actions You Can Take to Help Prevent Climate Disaster

Effective Organizations You Can Donate To

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