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MLA Citation Guide (8th edition): Citing Web Pages

An introduction to the new (April 2016) edition of the MLA citation guide. The new Guide has introduced many new features to this widely used bibliographic style.

MLA Style for Web Sites

Individual pages from a website:

      Futcher, David. "Name That Flag!" David Futcher's Home Page, 2008. Accessed 15 July 2016.

      Hollmichel, Stephanie. "The Reading Brain." So Many Books, 25 Apr. 2015. Accessed 15 July 2016.

     "Learning Technologies." Apple Community College Alliance, Mar. 2012. Accessed 15 July 2016.

Format Note: Include

  • the author's name (if known)
  • the full title of the work (the individual page in the website) in quotation marks
  • the title of the complete work or the website (if applicable), italicized
  • the date of the site (if known)
  • the date that you visited the site

An entire website:

      Victorian Women Writers Project, edited by Perry Willett, May 2000. Indiana U. Accessed 15 July 2016.

       Hollmichel, Stephanie. So Many Books. 2003-2103, Accessed 15 July 2016.

Format Note: Include

  • the title of the complete website (if applicable), italicized
  • editor, if known
  • the date of the site (if known)
  • owner or responsible party for the site
  • the date that you visited the site
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