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BA 214 Business Communications: Find Web Sources

Information and resources of interest to Business 214 students available at the LCC Library and on the free web. Please consult a reference librarian for further assistance

Google Scholar

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Google Scholar is a simple way which makes it easier for students, researchers and people associated with the academia to conduct broad research for scholarly literature, articles, peer-reviewed papers, thesis, books and various academic resources. It is important to note that the full texts of articles in Google Scholar are not necessarily available freely to all searchers. (See Google Scholar -LCC  Library Links box below) Students using Google Scholar are encouraged to contact or meet with librarians and talk about how they can obtain the full-text of an article(s) or the entire book.

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar - LCC Library Links

Google Scholar is a great resource, but it does not provide free access to most articles. Good news, Lane Community College Library now participates in Google Scholar's Library Links program. This means that when you search Google Scholar, you can easily see what articles you have access to through Lane Library's database subscriptions. Click the link below for more info:

Google Scholar Library Links 

Generating Search Terms

Learn some Internet search tips and strategies. Click on the Play button below:

Business Communication on the Web

Below is collection of websites featuring various types of business communication:



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