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CH 242: Organic Chemistry: Google Scholar

LCC Library resources for CH 242.

Google Scholar

Try searching Google Scholar.

Google Scholar
Google Scholar can be a powerful way to find scientific journal articles. It's very easy to use and looks and feels just like the regular version of Google. One drawback is that Google Scholar will often connect you to articles from journals that want to charge you to read them. But there's a way around that.

The Library Links Program
The Lane Community College Library participates in the Google Scholar Library Links program. If you set your Google Scholar Settings to include links to articles found in LCC Library databases, you will be able to access articles from LCC Library databases using Google Scholar. To find out how, please visit the Library’s Google Scholar Library Links website

Is It Really from a Scientific Journal?
Google Scholar also has other types of materials, not just articles from scientific journals.  Here's some other things you may find:  

  1. Other previously published journal articles 
  2. Unpublished scholarly articles
  3. Conference proceedings
  4. Master's theses, dissertations and papers and projects from graduate school-level classes
  5. Citations for books, some of which link to parts of the actual book online. 

Sometimes it will be difficult to figure out which information is in an actual peer-reviewed journal and which is not. Here are some methods you can use:

  1. Type the name of the journal, "in quotes," into the regular version of Google in order to find that journal's homepage.  Journals often like to brag if they are peer reviewed or refereed, so look for that on their website.
  2. Ask your instructor or a librarian to help you.

Interlibrary Loan

If you find a citation and abstract for an interesting article using Google or Google Scholar, but we don't have it and they want to charge you too much for it, try asking a librarian for assistance.  Sometimes they can find it for you or find another article that is just as good. 

But if you still want it and are willing to wait for it, then fill out an online Interlibrary Loan Request.  We can get almost any kind of article for you without charge by asking another Library to make a copy of it for you.

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