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Writing Research Papers: Websites

This guide is intended to provide help with topic selection, research tips and strategies, and citing sources.

Google Search Tips

link to google

   Google has many helpful advanced features

Try these techniques to improve the quality of your results in Google:

  • Phrase searching -- Put quotation marks around two or more words that you want to stay together.
    Example:     "back pain"
  • Limit search to one site or domain – This is useful for sites that don't have a search box.
    Example: parabola

    Or you can limit your results to those that appear in a top level domain, like websites about frogs that are on college or university websites.

    Example:     site:edu physics 
  • Exclude search term – Use the minus sign (-) to exclude websites that mention something you're not interested in.
    Example:     dolphins -football
  • Limit search by title – Looking for articles about amphibians in the Amazon? Retrive more relevant results by narrowing the search to content where those two words appear in the title.
    Example:     allintitle:amphibians amazon
  • Limit search to type of file – Looking for a Word or Excel document? Limit your search using filetype:doc or filetype:xls  This also works with pdfs and PowerPoint files (ppt).  
    Example:     filetype:ppt poverty oregon
  • Either/Or -- If you are trying to find websites on a topic, but there is more than one way to describe the topic, join the similar words with OR, in capital letters.
    Example:     amphibians OR frogs OR toads amazon
  • Search for synonyms – Add a tilde sign (~) before a word to search for synonyms of that word. This search also includes results for nutrition facts:
    Example:     ~food facts                 
  • Find information about an image – Have you ever found a photo online and need to identify the location or person in the picture? You can. Just drag the picture into the search box.



Keep Track of Websites

Help with the Web

Would you like to know more Google and Web research techniques? Try one of these books.

The first one is also available online. Click on the cover and then click on the "View It" tab to read it on the Internet.

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