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Writing Research Papers: Sources of Information

This guide is intended to provide help with topic selection, research tips and strategies, and citing sources.

Can't I just Google?

Most of us start with Google when looking for information. You can find great resources, especially if you use some of Google's advanced search methods.

But Google doesn't include everything needed for a college-level academic paper. To find the rich and reliable (and grade-improving) content that you won't find using Google, search the following:

  • Reference Books
    for topic overviews and ideas for developing topics. Also good for finding keywords to use when searching Library tools.

  • LCC Library catalog
    to find books, ebooks, and videos owned by the LCC Library. You can also use our catalog to find items owned by other libraries.

  • Databases
    to find articles that originally appeared in paper-bound magazines, newspapers, journals and books.


Why Can't I Just Google?

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