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GIS - Using Spatial Data

Materials and resources on Geographic Information Systems.

LCC's MAPS-GIS Program

Lane Community College was awarded a three-year grant in June 2006 from the Advanced Technological Education fund of the National Science Foundation to develop coursework in GIS curricula. The grant project, "Mapping, Analyzing and Problem Solving Using Geographic Information Science: Implementing a GIS Curriculum for Technical Literacy," (NSF# 0603492) brings GIS learning opportunities to students in science, social science and computer information technology.

GIS activities will engage students in real-world scenarios that demonstrate social and scientific relevance. Collaboration and teamwork will foster the interpersonal and organizational skills that are prized in today's workplace. Basic literacy in this rapidly advancing technology will open doors and prepare students with important job skills and future career choices. The project introduces large numbers of community college students to the potential GIS offers in solving significant social and scientific problems.

The program began implementing GIS technologies into existing coursework during the 2006 - 2007 academic year. In the 2007 - 2008 academic year, Lane began offering a four course sequence that focuses solely on geo-spatial technologies.

For more information on the MAPS-GIS project at Lane Community College contact:

Lynn Songer (email:
Or visit the Lane MAPS-GIS website.


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